Welcome to Norderney, or, as we say, "hey!" (to be pronounced like "heh")

Miles of spectacular white sandy beaches, dunes as far as the eye can see and, of course, the ocean...

Close your eyes, relax, open your mind, breath in the wonderful crisp sea air, feel light breezes tickle your cheeks, hear sea gulls cry high above, let waves whisper their lullaby as they break on the shore – all this is Norderney.

Stormy clouds, angry ocean, fierce waves – all this is Norderney.

Summer or winter – whichever season you prefer, the charm of Norderney will fascinate you.

No matter what you are looking for - quiet moments full of peace or lively action and fun – you will find it on Norderney. Cultural events and sporting activities, a wide range of shopping facilities and gastronomic delights have branded the island.

Already as far back as 1797, when the sea-side-resort Norderney was founded, this unique mixture of fascinating contrasts attracted numerous visitors and famous personalities such as the aristocracy, high politicians and well-known artists and has continued to be so ever since. The island is a miscellaneous as its visitors.

Known as "Queen of the North Sea", the island of Norderney is situated on the north-western coast of Germany. There are regular ferry services to and from the island. We suggest that you leave your car on the mainland as there is no need for it on the island. Most places are within walking distance. Bicycles are very popular and, if you don´t bring your own along, you can hire one right here. You can also explore the island by taking a ride with the bus. Regular passenger lines offer their services and look forward to drive you almost to the end of the island and back again.

Your fare ticket is also your "Norderney Card". This multifunctional card is a combination of ticket, service card and holiday card. It includes a number of rebates and services.

Are you looking for accommodation or do you have any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Staatsbad Norderney GmbH
Am Kurplatz 3
26548 Norderney

Tel.: 04932/891-0
Fax: 04932/891-112

.... We are looking forward to welcome you to Norderney!